Department of media, communications, technology, and culture

Department of media, communications, technology, and culture
In partnership with Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich
Italy, Rome


Our joint services cover:  

• Structuring   projects   in   the   media,   communications   sectoral,   content   production,  copyright,  information  technology  sectors,  and  software  licensing  to  the  public  and  private sectors.
• Providing consulting on cybersecurity and privacy protection.  
• Assess direct investment opportunities, performance measurement frameworks, and  risk management.  
• Anti-piracy strategy, from due diligence on targeted sites to an assessment of the legal  situation.


Vincenzo Zeno -Zencovich
A  global  specialist  and  leader  in  this  field,  he  is  an  advisor  to  the  Italian government in major projects related to this sector, including   third and fourth GSM operator tenders, 3G, 4G, 5G, and WLL spectrum   auctions   with   revenues   of   more   than   €21   billion.   Our   common  
clients’  records  include  a  large  regional  and  global  customer  base   from global technology companies, and regional and international  
He was appointed in 1999 by the University of Rome Three, where   he  taught  and  still  teaches  comparative  private  law,  information  technology law, European law, communications, and transportation  law.  
He  served  as  a  member  of  ministerial  committees  to  implement  a  directive  on  the  unfair  and  immoral  implementation  of  the  first   privacy laws,  electronic  communications,  and  media  broadcasting  laws.
In  1998,  he  served  as  an  advisor  to  the  Ministerial  Committee  for  the  Tender  for  the  Operation  of  the  JMC  Comprehensive  Mobile Communications  System;  in  1999  he  did  the  same  work  for  the  4G   mobile   system   tender,   and   in   2000   for   the   public   mobile communications system tender. In 2001 he served as a consultant to  the  Telecommunications  Authority  regulation  on  digital  television broadcasting.