Legal and Islamic consultations and studies

  • Companies, contracts, and businesses: 

    The Firms advisory services are focused on the development of corporate, business, and investment foundations, and regulations.


    Our legal services include:

    • Restructuring family and business companies and providing consulting on the most appropriate legal entities. Particularly, regarding tax implications, Zakat, due diligence, reporting about it, and the future of its businesses. 


    • Find the most appropriate mechanism to enter foreign establishments in the Saudi market, and engage in various activities by establishing optimal legal entities. Also, coordinating with relevant government agencies, and assisting customers at various stages of their business.


    • Pre-qualifying and structuring SMEs and finding the best options for funding that entrepreneurs may want. Furthermore, assisting to integrate, fund, and develop technology companies. 


    • Legal advice on foreign and national investments, strategic alliances, and understanding legal and regulatory aspects.

    Regulatory aspects of M&A for our customers: 

    Due diligence: The firm is keen on extensive due diligence, both legally and commercially, asset verification, corporate obligations, all basic records and documents, and reporting on document examination and legitimacy. 


    • Risk identification, analysis, and reduction: this includes assessing current and future risks from the legal and commercial aspects of the potential transaction, developing a strategy to mitigate legal and regulatory consequences, and proposing remedial measures and shortcomings on the part of the target company. 

    Drafting and reviewing the most important commercial contracts and agreements, particularly the following: 


    • Construction and engineering project contracts.
    • Investment, welfare, and privatization agreements’ contracts.
    • Funding projects’ contracts. 
    • Agreements of commercial agencies and commercial concession. 
    • Asset purchase agreements/sale of shares/stockholding. 
    • Technical and financial agreements, technology, and software products.
    • Pre-contract agreements (non-disclosure agreements - letters of intent - memorandums of understanding).