Department of Healthcare, Food, and Medicine

Department of Healthcare, Food, and Medicine
In partnership with Philippe FORTUI Avocats
France, Paris

The  firms  interest  in  the  medicine,  food,  and  drug  sector  has  been  there  since  its establishment of the Firm through its memberships and contributions to the   work of the Health Care Association and the work of the family safety program in  the National Guard in cooperation and direct supervision by Her Royal Highness  Princess Adela  Bint Abdullah, May  Allah protect her; Sponsoring and presenting   the Medical and Law Forum in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the  participation of many commissions, notably the Food and Drug Administration.  

These actions have contributed to our awareness of the legislative, procedural, and  medical difficulties and problems in the medical sector, which gave us the desire  to spread awareness and cultural rights to develop medical and legal legislation,  procedures, and practices in this sector.
Our joint services cover:
• Preparation  of  employment  contracts  and  agreements,  commercial  agencies,  and  commercial  concessions  for  medical  facilities, pharmaceuticals,  and  food  factories.
• Pleading before all courts and judicial committees.
• Representing foreign clients and investors in the local market.

The French legal partner has over 30 years of experience in the health, food, and  medical sector in France. A representative for the biggest international companies  in making food and medical equipment in general.


Philip Fortate
Fortate  is  a  lawyer  for  the  Paris  Bar  Association  and  a  member  (University of Paris 1 Sorbonne). A trade law expert, he was a partner  in  an  American  law  firm  and  then  a  partner  in  a  French  law  firm,  before practicing in his firm in 2008. His specialty is legal advice in  economics, European law, taxation, business, and arbitration cases.  
He represents a large number of major international companies in  Europe, America, and the Middle East.